Councillors lose their heads in support of Lithgow Halloween

Lithgow City Councillors have volunteered to be part of a Halloween window display, showing their support for Lithgow Halloween and to acknowledge the efforts that local businesses go to in making the event a success. “Lithgow Halloween is about driving awareness of the region and contributing to economic development, but importantly it’s about community spirit,” […]

Ghost Train Arriving for Halloween

Ghost Train

A ghost train will be leaving Bathurst at 2.30 pm heading to Lithgow Halloween festivities, arriving at 3.50 pm.  It will make the return journey, leaving Lithgow at 9.00pm and arrive in Bathurst at 10.30 pm. Whilst the ghost train is in Lithgow,  it will make a special  journey through the  10 tunnels, departing  Lithgow […]

It’s nearly time for Lithgow Halloween 17

Halloween is fast creeping up on us, and fun for the whole family will be on show in Main Street Lithgow. Dust off your costumes, brush up on your spells, and make a B-line for Main Street Lithgow for some seriously spooky fun and frivolity. Lithgow Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get together with […]